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 (kĭb′ĕ, -ē) or kib·bee (kĭb′ē)
A mixture of ground beef or lamb, bulgur wheat, and spices, served baked, fried, or raw.

[Colloquial Levantine Arabic pronunciation of Arabic kubba, ball, meatball; see kbb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈkɪbiː; ˈkɪbə) or


n, pl kibbeh
(Cookery) a Middle Eastern dish made with minced meat and bulgur shaped into patties
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Other star turns included the Kebbeh, fried seasoned lamb, burghul, onion and cumin with a garlic-yogurt sauce and superb Sesame Falafel, fried fava bean cakes with tahini relish, both BD3++.
The menu includes Ftileh (Hand cut raw lamb fillet), Shanklich, Basterma, Muhammara, Labneh Bl Toum, Hindbeh Bl Zeit, Loubyeh Bl Zeit, Nkhaat Mtabbaleh (Lamb brain salad), Lsanat Ghanam (Lamb tongue salad), Lebanese Fish Tajine, Kebbeh Nayeh Bl Habaa (Raw minced beef) and Kafta Stambouli.
Diners can look forward to an exquisite a la carte menu showcasing a wide variety of cold and hot mezzeh, signature kebbeh and kebbeh nayeh, mixed grilled platter, fresh seafood, and irresistible sweets from the quintessential kunafeh to creative ice cream made with a twist, along with an extensive beverage list.
The set menu includes salad, cold mezzeh and hot mezzeh, kebbeh nayeh (raw meat) and selection of mix grill and deserts, with live music from the Milan Band from 2 -- 5pm.
This is followed by Nayyeh, a Lebanese style steak tartare, which is prepared in four ways, using different herbs and spices; the Habra with spices and the Kebbeh with fresh chopped mint leaves.
From jallab to qamar al din there's a range of traditional drinks, but make a start with one of their traditional soups such as chicken freekeh, a Jordanian green wheat soup with chicken, or a Turkish lentil soup along with their hot mezzes like lamb makanek, fried kebbeh and samak bezre.
At Badgeur, an Armenian cultural center in the heart of Burj Hammoud, Arpie Mangasarian skimmed last night's menu: "We have filet fish and ejjeh [omelet with parsley] -- both a must, gigot, a Christmas roll with spinach, cheese and ham, eggplant salad, kebbeh, mhammara, basterma, makanek and lots more," she said over the phone.
The army air force destroyed hideouts and vehicles of the so-called Jaish al-Fateh in al-Lahaya, Maar kebbeh, al-Tamanaa and Khan Shikhoun in the countryside of Hama and Idleb provinces.
There are the usual suspects: hummus, fattoush, baba gannoush and kebbeh and vegetable samosas.
With specialty dishes such as Nasi Goreng from Indonesia, Beef Rendang from Malaysia, mouth-watering Tandoori from India and innovative Arabian dishes such as Kebbeh Tart, Emirati Lamb Ouzi and Moroccan Mobakar Lamb, guests can enjoy a global Ramadan celebration in a single setting.
They served us a standout meal composed of fattoush, a mixed salad with fried bread and hummus topped with basterma; Rekakat with Cheese, cheese rolled in thin dough; and Lebanese Kebbeh, stuffed with minced meat and pine nuts, among many others.
The lavish buffet will also include live stations, with a variety of Middle Eastern and international cuisine, with further highlights including shuwarma, shuwa kebbeh and creative 'henna' cookies.