Keel boat

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A covered freight boat, with a keel, but no sails, used on Western rivers.
A low, flat-bottomed freight boat. See Keel, n., 3.

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One was the barge which he had brought from Mackinaw; another was of a larger size, such as was formerly used in navigating the Mohawk River, and known by the generic name of the Schenectady barge; the other was a large keel boat, at that time the grand conveyance on the Mississippi.
We should observe that this year, the Rocky Mountain Company were pushing their way up the rivers, and establishing rival posts near those of the American Company; and that, at the very time of which we are speaking, Captain Sublette was ascending the Yellowstone with a keel boat, laden with supplies; so that there was every prospect of this eager rivalship being carried to extremes.
He had not proceeded many hours, before, in the evening, he came to a large keel boat at anchor.
Now a large and detailed painting showing a keel boat in operation on the River Tyne has returned toNewcastlealmost 80 years after last being seen publicly in the region.
He also enjoyed the Cedar Point Board in Williams Bay, WI, Geneva Lake Keel Boat Club, Audubon, and Geneva Lake Environmental Agency in Geneva Lake, WI.
The Whitsunday Sailing Club has enticed the likes of Andrew York, who is bringing his latest sleek, one-design keel boat from Sydney for the first time.
Every build was made from the ground up, including Indian villages, campsites, a keel boat and a complete fort.
Mohsin Al Busaidi, Keel boat manager, of the four teams: Al Thuraya, EFG Bank (Oman), Renaissance and Omifco, speaks about each crew's challenges faced during the second leg and their tactics for the third leg.
The club was one of the forerunners in establishing the rules of racing and is the only place on the West Coast of England, from Cornwall to the Scottish Borders, offering one-design keel boat racing, in the only sheltered deep water.
Taken by the paper's former deputy chief photographer Wilf Thompson on January 29, 1969, it shows the Whitby keel boat Lead Us II heeled over on rocks off Redcar's front.
The 27ft bilge keel boat with two crew on board suffered a mechanical failure at 3.30pm yesterday.
Besides these are the modern watersports activities such as the Maktoum Sailing Trophy, Russell Coutts 44, Keel Boat as well as the Shamal Dubai.