Keep the change

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Keep the change   
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Bill gave him five dollars and told him to keep the change. The conductor saw eye to eye with him in this.
This was all practical, so one of the children went off with a penny to buy an envelope and a sheet of paper, and to keep the change. When she came back, I addressed the envelope and stamped it, and when Smollet had again faithfully promised to post the address when found, I took my way to home.
Keep The Change (KYM) is a Big Lotteryfunded project which helps young people aged 16-24 with finances, including budgeting advice, homelessness/ housing, benefits, access to grants and saving.
Stopping off for a coffee and a croissant, I gave the waitress a banknote and told her to keep the change, thinking my tip was the loose change out of the Ukrainian equivalent of a fiver.
In one of his reviews, shared with his 1,800 followers on Twitter, he wrote: "No tip - T tight a***." But of another he said: "50p tip, keep the change, nice guy."
Binigyan ko sya ng P1,000 at sinabi ko keep the change," she said.
Andreas is the author of Change Your Mind and Keep the Change and other books.
Old Tappan, NJ, September 29, 2011 --( The Old Tappan Volunteer Fire Department will be the first recipient of proceeds from Spoon Me Frozen Yogurt's "Keep the Change Program" which will donate all tips, extra change and donations collected in the month of October.
Keep the Change: A Clueless TippeT's Quest to Become the Guru' of the Gratuity
Give them the exact money and tell them to keep the change" and "You've reached your destination.
Despite the credit crunch a survey found British people are flippant about small change with 44 per cent saying they would not bother to pick up a penny from the street, 67 per cent throw coins into fountains and 49 per cent say "keep the change" when buying something just to avoid having to carry loose coins.
Also, investigate savings arrangements such as the Keep the Change program at Bank of America: Each time enrolled customers use their bank check card, the purchase is rounded to the nearest dollar amount and the difference is moved to the person's savings account.