Keep the change

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Keep the change   
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Know Your Money - Keep The Change (KYM) is a Big Lottery-funded project led by Erimus Housing, a partner in the Thirteen Group.
But of another he said: "50p tip, keep the change, nice guy.
Andreas is the author of Change Your Mind and Keep the Change and other books.
Spoon Me Frozen Yogurt named the Old Tappan Volunteer Fire Department as the first recipient of their Keep the Change Program, a program which gives back monetary proceeds to organizations and charities within the Old Tappan community.
Also, investigate savings arrangements such as the Keep the Change program at Bank of America: Each time enrolled customers use their bank check card, the purchase is rounded to the nearest dollar amount and the difference is moved to the person's savings account.
Robinson had tried to keep the change a secret in the hope of surprising the Welsh and giving them no time to adjust their gameplan.
We are pleased to offer tools like Add It Up and Keep the Change, which allow our customers to save more while they make their everyday purchases.
Keep the change - Cadwch y newid (Cad och e n-e-wid)
When king Henry VIII set up the first official post service, he contracted innkeepers to keep the change of horses for dispatch riders.
So, we have to own up to any error and correct it to maintain the credibility that is essential to keep the change process on track.
say they goofed in paying $97,000 for a $97 set of red-cross stickers, but that error doesn't entitle Walter Zink to keep the change.
I'll have the Bentley Continental, the Mercedez Benz SL, two Mini Coopers and keep the change.