Keep the door locked

Keep the door locked   
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I did phone the police as I was pretty scared by this time, I was advised to keep the door locked up and a while later I received a phone call to say he had been caught and was locked up.
"We would advise people to always check the identification of callers and to keep the door locked when doing so.
Miss Lodge said in her victim impact statement: "When I am in the office I keep the door locked. When I go to an appointment I find myself checking around me.
Lock the rod in place to keep the door locked open so the wind can't slam it shut.
They described how the children couldn't play outside, they needed to keep the door locked in case bailiffs turned up.
When you are inside your room, keep the door locked at all times when you're inside.
After that, I was always sure to keep the door locked. But in my recent dream I went down the short stairway from the kitchen to the basement and found the back door halfway open.
The beautician said: "We normally keep the door locked here but it was towards the end of the day and people were nipping out to the shop and it was open.
If a customer is unsure about the identity of someone saying they are from the ' water board'', they should keep the door locked and call us on 0845 717 1100 to check they are genuine.
Thompson, himself a heroin addict, had earlier told us: "I need to keep the door locked at all times."
"We keep the door locked because the wife is nervous, but I still feel safe walking around Cathays."
The door side can now be screwed in place, though make sure you keep the door locked when doing this or you'll find it harder to attach the side because the door will flap around.