Keep to the path

Keep to the path   
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4 Keep to the path on the bank until you reach the A149 between Blakeney and Cley.
They should keep to the path of peace, the peace talks, a byproduct of the people's consistent desire for just and lasting peace.
Maria-Jose Cornax of Oceana welcomes the "parties' determination to keep to the path of rebuilding stocks of bluefin tuna".
Keep to the path below the crags, through the valley as it climbs to the grassy area at the end of the valley.
While stating China noted Koizumi's expression of remorse Thursday to mark the 57th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II, Kong called on Japan to draw lessons from history and to continue to keep to the path of peaceful development.
Instead of focusing on a plan to stimulate employment and set up financial solidarity mechanisms, the European Union has decided to keep to the path of permanent and automatic austerity.
I said it was okay to keep to the path, but that it was dangerous if you left it.''
Follow the edge of the field then keep to the path which climbs the hill passing through woods and fields with stiles to show the way.
Now keep to the path with the brook on your left to reach the railway again.
With thousands of burrows belonging to other birds and rabbits, it is important to keep to the paths and not to hinder these little birds scurrying to their burrows.
``But in the short term we are appealing to parents to ensure that their children keep to the paths and pavements at all times.