Keeping room

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a family sitting room.

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During the last year, Welsh focused on revamping the family's kitchen and keeping room area to add the modern flair for which she is known.
For casual family time, you can't beat the keeping room and open kitchen.
He describes how everyone needs to be an individual and be able to connect with others in order to be a healthy person, and how to assess and treat these tasks; the key skills of speaking, listening, and cooperating and their assessment and treatment; and the assessment and interventions for three patterns found in healthy couples and families: maintaining equal value with parents in charge, keeping room to be close and apart, and expecting change.
We are committed to keeping room rates as low as possible while providing clean, comfortable, quality facilities," Joyce said.
Lasting 10,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than standard bulbs, they emit 70 per cent less heat, keeping room temperatures down leading to the added benefit of less power usage for air conditioning.
To be given staged readings are Seattle playwright Kirsten Fatland's "Dazzle Your Eyes" and Eugene playwright Jeffrey Mason's "The Keeping Room.
Carpenter said his goal is to deliver a high-quality product while keeping room prices between $60-$80.
Pinecone deer topped the keeping room mantel, while the breakfast room was decorated to resemble a snow-covered winter forest.
Inside, your family will love kicking back in the keeping room near the island kitchen.
The kitchen with Santa Cecelia granite, stainless steel appliances and upgraded maple cabinets with cocoa glaze opens to the keeping room and two-story family room with a two sided fireplace.
Special features include a keeping room, media room, library and a secret room behind a bookcase.