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or kaf·fi·yeh (kə-fē′ə)
A square of cloth, often embroidered, traditionally worn as a headdress by Arab men, either by winding it around the head or by folding it into a triangle, draping it over the head, and securing it with an agal. Also called shemagh.

[Arabic kūfīya, from feminine of kūfī, of Kufa, Kufic, from al-Kūfa, Kufa, a city in central Iraq.]


(kɛˈfiːjə) ,




(Clothing & Fashion) a cotton headdress worn by Arabs
[C19: from Arabic, perhaps from Late Latin cofea coif]
kufiyyapalestinapañuelo palestino
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Many Muslims Didn't Like It A year ago, I posted a picture of myself on Facebook and Instagram holding an AR-15 rifle while wearing a Palestinian keffiyah around my head.
Dubai: Most people have a stereotypical image of the Palestinians -- sitting in refugee camps and the 67 years of agony since they were uprooted from their homeland showing on their faces, or covering their faces with the checked black-and-white keffiyah and throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.
eIuIteIUs the keffiyah, but I only know that after listening to the machine.
He understood the power of his own image; his trademark outfit of camouflage jacket and keffiyah told the world, and his own people, that he was a warrior and a nationalist.
Elsewhere in the Levant it is known as keffiyah, but Palestinians prefer to call it hattah.
The site also features a sinister-looking poster featuring a man wearing an Arabic scarf or keffiyah over his face, reminiscent of Palestianian protesters during the Intifada or Uprising.
The young political science and chemistry major's head and neck were wrapped in a red and white checkered keffiyah, the scarf often worn by Palestinians, in a show of solidarity with the Palestinian resistance movement.
Pistols have replaced swords and some characters wear traditional dishdashas, abayas and keffiyah scarves, but the changes go far beyond props and costumes.
23 -- I do not know what the cultured political stalwarts of the BJP have to say about it, but Narendra Modi, Gujarat's chief minister, let a great opportunity slip when he turned down a Muslim skullcap and a keffiyah, a traditional tussled kerchief, offered to him as mementos recently.
On the opposite side of the river at the hamlet of Batroul, a Syrian soldier dressed in crisp camouflage uniform with a red and white keffiyah tied around his waist stared with curiosity at visitors to this remote stretch of the frontier.
Jews indigenous to the Middle East, such as my family is, have worn some variation of the "kefyah" (cap/kippah) and keffiyah (head/neck scarves) for thousands of years.
But he had to stride ahead, turning faces with his red and white keffiyah, repeatedly comparing his watch and the clock on the wall.