Kefir grains

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1.Small hard yellowish aggregations found in the Caucasus region, and containing various yeasts and bacteria. They are used as a ferment in preparing kefir.
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Kefir is obtained from the fermenting activity of Kefir grains [5].
Chen YP, Hsiao PJ, Hong WS, Dai TY, Chen MJ (2012) Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens M1 isolated from milk kefir grains ameliorates experimental colitis in vitro and in vivo.
I give my flock water kefir grains or a cultured dairy probiotic, usually mixed with some leftovers in a pan, as well as adding a tablespoon or so of kombucha to their water every time I fill the fount.
Kefir is the fermentation product of milk with Kefir grains and other cultures prepared from grains.
Leah, a line cook with her hair up in a Rosie the Riveter bandana, starts with cream that's been mixed with kefir grains, microorganisms used in Eastern Europe to ferment milk into a yogurt-like drink.
I ordered my kefir grains from Schwenk's website, culturedfoodlife.
The store provides consumers a variety of proprietary and third-party vendor products such as raw cheese, fermented foods, starter cultures, kefir grains, wild seafood, and a host of healthy snacks, including coconut treats.
If you have friends who brew kombucha, ask around for kefir grains, have a jar of kimchi bubbling away on the counter, or wax poetic about salty dill pickles fermented in brine, you can probably thank Sandor Katz.
Some authors working in North Ossetia-Alania have isolated 148 lactobacillus strains out of 25 different natural sources (plants, raw milk, vegetables, kefir grains, the faeces of farm animals) [11].