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He brought from London a Kelvin sounding apparatus, with a sufficient length of piano-wire for testing any probable depth.
Then came Sir William Thomson, latterly known as Lord Kelvin.
org, indicate that pressurized hydrogen sulfide is a superconductor at roughly 200 kelvins.
Hinode's X-ray telescope can record emissions that range between about 1 million and 4 million kelvins (273.
Allow me to reiterate my delight that you allowed kelvins to be used at all.
In 2000, the researchers detected the molecule in a region of the star-forming cloud Sagittarius B2 that has a temperature of about 50 kelvins.
Taken by the Cassini spacecraft on July 1, the false-color image shows the unlit surface of the rings, where temperatures vary from 70 kelvins (blue) to 110 kelvins (red).
328) states that star BAT99-2 "is the hottest Wolf-Rayet star known, with a surface temperature of 120,000 kelvins.
But it takes an even hotter, more massive star, with a surface temperature greater than 75,000 kelvins and a mass heavier than 20 times that of the sun, to strip helium atoms of their two electrons.
So-called conventional superconductors, of which magnesium diboride is a member, typically become superconductors below 20 kelvins.
These remarkable ceramic materials are known as high-temperature superconductors because they operate resistance-free at temperatures in the range of 77 kelvins or more, rather than the 20 kelvins or less that conventional superconductors require.
4]--increased its maximum superconducting temperature from 25 to 49 kelvins, researchers report in the July 30 Nature.