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Noun1.Ken Russell - English film director (born in 1927)
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The Who front man starred in Ken Russell's 1975 flop movie Lisztomania.
The event kicks off with Slaithwaite Brass Band and finishes on Sunday afternoon with a rare screening of Ken Russell's 'Song of Summer' about Bradford's famous Frederick Delius.
The 1971 Ken Russell film The Music Lovers is a biography of which composer?
LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER BBC1, 9pm It's 22 years since Joely Richardson and Sean Bean romped in Ken Russell's controversial, four-part BBC adaptation of DH Lawrence's novel.
He described what it was like to film Tommy in 1975, under director Ken Russell, and how the concept of rock opera and film had grown from one song - Amazing Journey.
The 1972 film by Ken Russell, staring Twiggy, won two Golden Globes and will be the original uncut British version.
John Carpenter is no stranger to the Council, having formerly served as Vice Chairman of the group, at news of his election he said: "I am very pleased to have been elected chairman and aim to help build on the great work done by my predecessor Ken Russell. As demand to move freight by rail increases, the industry will have many challenges that the FTA will have a central role in facilitating.
James Constantinou (left) and his team deal with eccentric clients, including a retired catwalk model and a former wife of movie director Ken Russell.
Which actor played the title role in Ken Russell's film Mahler?
Summary: Infulential stars of the film industry have been paying tribute to the British director, Ken Russell.
TRIBUTES have been paid to the "unique" talent of British film director Ken Russell, following his sudden death at the age of 84.
MOVIE maverick Ken Russell died smiling on Sunday at the age of 84.