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Kindle, Kendle, Kindling, Kyndyll

 a litter or brood, [from the German Kinder’children, offspring’?]
Examples: kindle of young cats—Bk. of St. Albans, 1486; of elephants, 1220; of hares; of kittens,—Brewer; of leverets; of rabbits.
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Drake-bound guard Kendle Moore had a game-high 16 points for Danville.
The twelve include: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Abney, Rodney Adkins, Michael Burns, Bill Johnson, Candace Kendle, Ann Livermore, Rudy Markham, Franck Moison, Sandy Randt, John Stankey, Carol Tom and Kevin Warsh.
Cutler was chief executive officer of Kendle, and previously held senior roles at both Quintiles and Sandoz (now Novartis).
King's Academy student, Kendle Hill, 12, said: "I went to the Albert Hall once and I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience".
Pictured here: Team Manager Pankaj Shah, Rikhav Shah, Ryan Fischer, Kendle Lam and Sanjana Kunnikuru.
Previously, Dr Cutler served as chief executive officer of Kendle as well as held various senior roles in both Quintiles and Sandoz (now Novartis).
Sentencing Kendle Castle at Leeds Crown Court Recorder Ray Singh said officers had gone to his address on May 10 on an unrelated matter.
Lucid dreaming is "the experience of being aware that one is, in fact, dreaming," says Kendle Hassinger, a dream expert and psychotherapist at the Emory Clinic in Atlanta.
Struik also spent a number of years at Kendle International, where she served in roles of increasing strategic responsibility, including business development and support manager.
Rink scores: Ron Davies, Derek Pratt, Ian Kendle, George Palmer (28-13), Ray Antill, Alan Kemp, Graham F Taylor, Mike Gilks (19-16), Jack Hands, David Carr, Morris Clayton, Gareth Willcock (17-22), Brian Hunt, John Tomes, John Brain, Bill Brundle (12-18), Ermie Kinnear, Ben Freeman, Tony Mann, Roy Swift (6-24).
The top pre-market NASDAQ Stock Market gainers are: Kendle International, ZST Digital Networks, Hansen Medical, JDS Uniphase, Cbeyond, and ON Semiconductor.
US contract research organisation INC Research will buy clinical research firm Kendle International in a deal worth some USD232m (EUR156m), the target company said in a statement.