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 (kĕn′dro͞o′), Sir John Cowdery 1917-1997.
British molecular biologist. He shared a 1962 Nobel Prize for determining the molecular structure of the blood protein myoglobin.
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(Biography) Sir John Cowdery. 1917–97, British biochemist. Using X-ray diffraction he discovered the structure of myoglobin, for which he shared a Nobel Prize (1962) with Max Perutz
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(ˈkɛn dru)

John C(owdery), born 1917, English biochemist: Nobel prize 1962.
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Noun1.Kendrew - English biologist noted for studies of the molecular structure of blood components (born in 1917)
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Kendrew touched his host's arm, and suddenly interrupted him.
Kendrew started, and showed the first tokens of interest in the proceedings which had escaped him yet.
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