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A town of central England southeast of Birmingham. It is famous for the ruins of Kenilworth Castle, founded c. 1120 and celebrated in Sir Walter Scott's novel Kenilworth (1821).


(Placename) a town in central England, in Warwickshire: ruined 12th-century castle, subject of Sir Walter Scott's novel Kenilworth. Pop: 22 218 (2001)


(ˈkɛn lˌwɜrθ)

a town in central Warwickshire, in central England, SE of Birmingham. 20,121.
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It is not the object of this work to give a description of Derbyshire, nor of any of the remarkable places through which their route thither lay; Oxford, Blenheim, Warwick, Kenilworth, Birmingham, &c.
Then when he was eleven years old there was great excitement in the country town, for Queen Elizabeth came to visit the great Earl of Leicester at his castle of Kenilworth, not sixteen miles away.
Amy, flying up--"Oh, that must be Kenilworth, that gray place among the trees
KENILWORTH School scored two tries at Twickenham but went down to a 36-14 defeat to Beechen Cliff School in the final of the U15s Schools Vase.
FOR the first time ever, there will be a damsel in shining armour taking part in Kenilworth Castle's Grand Medieval Joust.
FOR the first time ever, a female jouster is to take part in Kenilworth Castle's Grand Medieval Joust.
Contract notice: Kenilworth School Cleaning Service.
The American Chemical Council (Arlington, VA) and Kenilworth Media (Richmond Hill, ON) have begun the publication of 'American Chemistry' magazine with a May issue.
NewDominion opened exactly two years ago at 1100 Kenilworth Ave.
Despite dominating possession for most of the game, Kenilworth failed to convert pressure into points and the result was only settled in the last few minutes of the match.
e new railway is planned to pass underneath the A46 Kenilworth by-pass (but, as a by-pass, it does not go in or out of Kenilworth).
The site opposite the NAC is in a really great location, close to Kenilworth, Leamington and Coventry and we are really pleased to have secured it for this year's event," she said.