Kennebec River

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Ken·ne·bec River

A river, about 240 km (150 mi) long, of west-central and southern Maine flowing generally south to the Atlantic Ocean.
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Their confederacy name, which translates roughly as 'People of the First Light' or 'Dawnland People', alludes to their traditional territory known in historical times as Acadia, embracing parts of eastern Quebec, the Canadian Maritime provinces, and parts of modem-day Maine State, east of the Kennebec River and into Vermont.
At year's end he led an army across Maine, up the Kennebec River and down the Chaudiere to the St.
Eagle Creek has also acquired a minority interest in the 4mw Brassua facility near the village of Rockwood, Maine and a majority interest in the Kennebec Water Power Co, which regulates releases from upstream storage reservoirs on the Kennebec River.
Of the remaining seven, perhaps you're visiting the guy who paints watercolors of the lovely view overlooking the Kennebec River. Or, it could be a sit-down with the family who runs the surprisingly good Thai restaurant in the terminal building.
Navy headed out to sea for the first time, departing from shipbuilder Bath Iron Works and carefully navigating the Kennebec River in Maine, before reaching the open ocean where the ship will undergo sea trials.
Route 201 cuts west through the Moose River Valley, parallel to the mighty Kennebec River, running from the farmlands of the Central Maine Highlands to the Quebec border.
With close to 3,000 vehicles using it each day, the bridge is an important crossing over the Kennebec River. The old bridge was structurally deficient, with only one movable section to enable larger vessels to pass the navigable portion of the Kennebec River.
On a knob of land overlooking the Kennebec River, they found a curiously flat-roofed, midcentury cedar cabin that was clad inside, from stem to stern, with knotty pine and had two walls of picture windows overlooking the roiling water.
Matthew Edney considers the printing of maps of land grants during the mid-1750s conflict between the Plymouth and the Pejepscot companies over the definition of the Kennebec River in present-day Maine.
The team found that shortnose sturgeon in the Penobscot may migrate to spawn in the Kennebec River, a 170- mile-long (270 km) river flowing through the heart of Maine, which has been one focus for migratory fish habitat restoration.
Its location on the Kennebec River and proximity to the town center made it ideal for redevelopment.

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