kennel club

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ken′nel club`

an association that establishes standards for dog breeds, records pedigrees, and sets rules for dog shows.
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The Pedigree Assurance Program allows kennel clubs to:
In a study conducted by the American Kennel Club in 1998, there was approximately a 10 percent error in the DNA parentage confirmation of frequently used sires.
As part of the program, members of CCCQ, an organization similar to the American Kennel Club and other international breeder associations, will be utilizing Orivet for their newly-introduced mandatory DNA profiling in an effort to reduce litter registration pedigree errors.
"We feel this will lead to responsible breeding with better health outcomes - a win-win for the kennel club and for all pet owners."
The one critical exception is that, unlike every other dog registered by both the British and American Kennel Clubs, these dogs are no longer at risk of forming urate bladder stones, a painful and potentially deadly condition caused by a genetic mutation carried by all Dalmatians.
A few months ago, I wrote about the British Kennel Club's registration of two special Dalmatians over the objections of the breed clubs there (WDJ June 2010).
First, an update on what has been happening in Britain: Fiona (Fiacre First and Foremost), the first low uric acid (LUA) Dalmatian registered with the Kennel Club, has been winning at shows.
Meanwhile, back here in the States, theAmerican Kennel Club (AKC) Health & Welfare Advisory Committee submitted a report with the following recommendation:
May 21, 22 & 23: Scottish Kennel Clubs Championship Show at Ingliston.