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1. A brightly patterned, handwoven ceremonial cloth of the Ashanti.
2. A durable machine-woven fabric similar to this fabric, prominently featured in Afrocentric fashion.

[Twi, cloth.]


1. (Textiles) Also called: kente cloth a brightly coloured handwoven cloth of Ghana, usually with some gold thread
2. (Clothing & Fashion) the toga made of this cloth
[from a Ghanaian language, possibly Akan]


(ˈkɛn teɪ)
a colorful fabric of Ghanaian origin: often worn as a symbol of African-American pride.
[1955–60; < Ashanti]
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There was protest also by African-American members of the Congress wearing kente cloth as a show of solidarity with African nations called 'shithole countries' by Trump last month.
Marc Veasey, a Fort Worth Democrat, also wore a black jacket - but, like many of his African-American colleagues, he also wore a piece of kente cloth over his shoulder as a protest against recent alleged remarks the president made referring to African counties as "shitholes.
Bulky art pieces in a variety of colours and frames com- pete with bold displays of African masks, mud cloth and Kente cloth.
She was a gifted artist working in the medium of fabric design, Kente cloth, weaving and fashioning jewelry.
Caption: Above: El Anatsui's Earth Developing More Roots, which mimicks Ghanalan kente cloth but uses discarded objects
The wheelless, salvaged skateboard decks deployed in Battalion, 2014-, were positioned vertically against wooden crates, their flipped undersides displaying painted designs evocative of kente cloth.
But understanding culture or context has to be more than "just kente cloth on the altar," Schroeder said--it involves sincere openness to the other.
I was at the African American Awareness Association's kente cloth ceremony, in which black students each receive a brightly patterned woven fabric that serves as a symbol of culture and heritage.
Kente cloth is usually worn for festivals, graduations, ceremonies, religious and other sacred occassions.
She also showcased the Kente cloth, known as nwentoma in Akan, a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana.
OUR ANIMALS DESERVED FRAMES, so I shared with students a strip of Kente cloth I had acquired several years ago.
He came across Abdul Darmenikpui, who was weaving traditional kente cloth under a thatch shelter.