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Noun1.Kenyapithecus - extinct primate having powerful chewing muscles along with large molars and small incisors; fossils found in Kenya
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Hominoidea, superfamily Hominoidea - anthropoid apes and human beings
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figure By ANITA CHEPKOECH class="MsoNormalIt used to be that the only remarkable thing about Fort Ternan was that it marked the place where Dr Louis Leakey, in 1961, discovered the fossils of an early human called Kenyapithecus Wickeri, estimated to have lived 14 million years ago.
But, Anoiapithecus' thickly enameled teeth and robust jaw are like those of primitive Kenyapithecus fossil apes, which lived in both Africa and Europe, according to the team.
Prior to this discovery, the species now included in Equatorius had been placed in another hominoid genus from the African middle Miocene, Kenyapithecus. There had been conflicting opinions about the relationship of Kenyapithecus to great apes and humans.
He and his colleagues have found fossils of a 15-million-year-old African ape, Kenyapithecus (see p.
Excavations in eastern Africa last year unearthed new lower-body remains of a roughly 14-million-year-old ape, Kenyapithecus, that appears to have been an ancestor of living African apes and humans, reports Monte L.