Kepler's second law

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Noun1.Kepler's second law - a law concerning the speed at which planets travel; a line connecting a planet to the sun will sweep out equal areas in equal times; "Kepler's second law means that a planet's orbital speed changes with its distance from the sun"
Kepler's law, Kepler's law of planetary motion - (astronomy) one of three empirical laws of planetary motion stated by Johannes Kepler
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The Moon rotates at a constant velocity around its polar axis (its day is of constant length), but because of its elliptical orbit around Earth, its orbital movement slows down when it is farthest from Earth and speeds up when closest in accordance with Kepler's Second Law of planetary motion.
In another section Sperling quotes 11 pupils puzzled about Kepler's second law of planetary motion, but he doesn't explain it first.