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Noun1.Kera - a Chadic language spoken in Chad
East Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in Chad
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The media aide added that, 'Kera said the World Bank loan to tackle malnutrition in the state was hastily obtained without any due diligence and fiscal impact assessment by the Inuwa-led administration and that 'the recent loan agreement signed by the State Government and Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria, (ANRiN) is an outright misplacement of priority for a government that said it does not have means to sustain the tertiary institutions established by the previous administration in the state.'
Rendered by the inimitable Mika Singh and Kera Ghoshal (former Sa Re Ga Ma contestant) from India, the song is soft on the ears and yet lively.
Identified as a new species, it has been named Chupkaornis keraorum - Chupka is the Ainu word used by indigenous people from Hokkaido for 'eastern,' and keraorum is named after Masatoshi and Yasuji Kera, who discovered the specimen.
KERA will air a one-hour Retrospective celebrating the work of Media Projects, Inc.
EMERGENCY BIRTH Mum Kera is still recovering after operation
She was delivered by emergency caesarean section in February after Kera showed signs of potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia.
Lynsey Bugg, curator of mammals, said: "Kera has been very poorly with anaemia and a suspected chest infection, on top of recovering from the pre-eclampsia.
clash while Kera Mix has the same goal against Tanduay Light at 3 p.m.
Editors are Hemming (freelance anthropologist, translator, and research project consultant), Kera (history, U.
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union assistant state secretary Rob Kera visited the site in the aftermath of the tragedy and said the union had been concerned about fencing around the base of the crane.
Popstar Cheryl Tweedy, back in 2002 enjoyed Christmas with her mum Joan and dog Kera during a well-earned break (pic 1).
Before setting off, Mrs Cameron heard from Dr Hejara Kera about the challenges facing her in her work running a clinic funded by the charity in Katsina, a remote part of Nigeria.