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Noun1.Kera - a Chadic language spoken in Chad
East Chadic - a group of Chadic languages spoken in Chad
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Rendered by the inimitable Mika Singh and Kera Ghoshal (former Sa Re Ga Ma contestant) from India, the song is soft on the ears and yet lively.
EMERGENCY BIRTH Mum Kera is still recovering after operation
She was delivered by emergency caesarean section in February after Kera showed signs of potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia.
As part of her intensive treatment, keepers have been administering oxygen to Kera, as well giving her a blood transfusion from one of the other gorillas - one of only a few times this has ever been carried out on a gorilla.
clash while Kera Mix has the same goal against Tanduay Light at 3 p.
Editors are Hemming (freelance anthropologist, translator, and research project consultant), Kera (history, U.
Samantha Cameron, centre , with, from left, Peter Pilotto, Nigerian health worker, Dr Hajara Kera, Chairman of the British Fashion Council, Harold Tillman CBE, Erdem Moralioglu, wearing glasses, and Christopher Kane Picture: YUI MOK
And now, Kera seems to have found the perfect home on Gorilla Island at Bristol Zoo in Gloucestershire - if these snaps of her with Emily andMel are anything to go by.
The dead girl had sent a personal e-mail to Kera shortly after her clinic visit and, when Kera is contacted by another young girl the next day near the school where the girls were both students, she "took that as a sign that both girls had wanted or needed something from her personally.
His mom and dad, sister Kera and brothers Brian, Kevin and Daryl.
Commentary originally aired 3/22/2005 on KERA Radio 90.
The Finnish heart rate monitors developer Polar Electro Oy and the management of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology developer Idesco Oy have jointly acquired Start Fund of Kera Oy's holding in Idesco.