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Noun1.Kerbala - a city of central Iraq to the south of BaghdadKerbala - a city of central Iraq to the south of Baghdad; a holy city for Shiite Muslims because it is the site of the tomb of Mohammed's grandson who was killed there in 680
Battle of Kerbala - a battle in 680 in which the grandson of Mohammed and his followers were killed; "the Battle of Kerbala is the basis for the Ta'ziyehs that are performed annually"
Al-Iraq, Irak, Iraq, Republic of Iraq - a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was in the area now known as Iraq
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It is disrespect to the memory of Imam and martyrs of Kerbala'.
In September 2018, the University of Kerbala Medical School, engaged with Imamia Medics International1 to hold a 2-day conference in medical education, in the holy city of Karbala.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a meeting with tribal leaders in Kerbala, Iraq, March 12, 2019.
A military technician of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces (Hashid Shaabi) repairs a tank, damaged by war, at a workshop in Kerbala, Iraq May 7, 2019.
(TAP) - A motorcycle gunman shot dead an Iraqi novelist close to his house in the holy Shi'ite Muslim city of Kerbala on Saturday, police and witnesses said.
In the events of 10 days, in that one spot on earth, all the great lessons of the Qur'an were brought to life in front of the witness of history - and all those who were (or are today) in doubt that the highest ideals of the Qur'an could be lived up to - all those who felt that the highest Qur'anic ideals were beyond the reach of humans - were in that place on Earth, that Kerbala, proved wrong.
The country's leaders should focus on defeating Islamic State and not the results of a May parliamentary election, he said in a Friday prayers sermon delivered by a representative in the Shi'ite holy city of Kerbala, where several of the slain men came from.
After crossing the Bhati Gate the procession concluded at Kerbala Gamay Shah near Lower Mall before Maghrib prayers.
In Hyderabad, central procession which was participated by various organisations was taken out from Imambargah Dadan Shah Kerbala at around 3pm and reached peacefully at around 6.55pm at Qadamgah Maula Ali after passing through its traditional route amid tight security.
Berlin: International club football returns to Iraq for the first time in nearly 30 years on Tuesday as Al-Zawra'a Sports Club host Lebanese side Al Ahed in the city of Kerbala, around 100 kilometres southwest of the capital, Baghdad.