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A state of southern India on the Malabar Coast. Since antiquity, its geographic position has resulted in extensive contact with other cultures, including Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Arab traders.


(ˈkɛrələ; kəˈrɑːlə)
(Placename) a state of SW India, on the Arabian Sea: formed in 1956, it includes the former state of Travancore-Cochin; has the highest population density of any Indian state. Capital: Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram). Pop: 31 838 619 (2001). Area: 38 863 sq km (15 005 sq miles)


(ˈkeɪ rə lə, ˈkɛr ə-)

a state in SW India on the Arabian Sea. 29,098,578; 15,035 sq. mi. (38,940 sq. km). Cap.: Trivandrum.
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Satish, 45, from the Indian state of Kerela, who lives in Diraz, admitted he was saddened to leave his old post but couldn't resist taking up the new challenge when it was presented.
Congrats to the five people we have already signed up for our Kerela Trek for 2018, I know you are going to have an amazing experience.
The interrogation report reveals that the arrested recruit could have met the same fate as Mohammed Murshid from Padna, Kerela who was killed on April 11 in the US airstrike.
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Engineer Rasheed while reacting to the assertions made by Narendra Modi in Kerela said, 'By talking of indulging in war with Pakistan for thousand years Modi has confessed that India can't beat Pakistan for at least one thousand years,' Rashid said in a statement, reported.
Gender differences in the presentation, diagnosis, and management of acute coronary syndrome in Kerala, India: result from the Kerela ACS registry.
The fire occurred at the Puttingal temple in Kerela state around 3:30 am (2215 GMT), an official at the Kollam district police control room said.
Water quality studies on Karamana River, Thiruvananthapuram District South Kerela, India.
There is a further Merseyside connection with ex-Liverpool goalkeeper David James a player-coach with Kerela Blasters.
During his tenure of 27 years, he has been honoured and recognised for his contributions viz ISVM Appreciation Award (2010), Best ISVM Presentation Award (2010 and 2005), Best Research Article Award in Intas Polivet (2002), Malcolm S Adisheshiah Award for best doctorate thesis by TNUVAS (1999), Senior Research Fellowship by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (1997), Appreciation Award for meritorious achievements from General Council of Kerela Agricultural University (1996 and 1994), Young Scientist Award by Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine (1995), Young Scientist Award by Department of Science and Technology (1994) and Junior Research Fellowship by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (1990).
At the one end, there is Kerela with a sex ratio of 1084, indicating numerical excess of females.
Traditionally all our coffee has been in the south with the three states of Karnataka, Kerela and Tamil Nadu, making up between 90 and 95 percent of India's total production.