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 (kĕr′ĭ-sən) also Ker·es (kĕr′ĭs)
n. pl. Keresan or Ker·e·sans also Keres
1. A member of a Pueblo people inhabiting seven pueblos in north-central New Mexico.
a. The language family comprising the closely related languages of the Keresan, not known to be related to any other language family.
b. A language of this family.

[From American Spanish querés, of unknown origin.]

Ker′e·san, Ker′es adj.
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Azerbaijani grandmaster Gadir Huseynov won the "Paul Keres Memorial" Blitz Tournament held in Tallinn, Estonia.
Beloved wife of Gene Wizniak for 62 years; loving mother of Scott (Kathleen) and Susan Wizniak; cherished grandmother of Ryan (Julia), Rachel (Petros Keres), and Stephen Wizniak; dear aunt of Sandra (Lenny) Haye and Christine (Terry) Lindenberg.
The producers recorded young girls singing the entire song in remarkably similar voices in at least nine languages - Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Mandarin, Senegalese-French, English, Arabic, Tagalog, and Keres, the language of the Pueblo tribe in the US south-west.
REGULAR readers may recall my recent visit to Tallin when I was unable to visit the museum dedicated to former Estonian champion Paul Keres because it was closed.
Bulent Keres, a political columnist, said voters are noticing more public services.
With: Emil Keres, Teri Foldi, Judit Schell, Zoltan Schmied.
It is a tri-lingual storybook, with its adventurous tale presented in English, Spanish, and the Keres language of the Acoma Pueblo Native Americans.
Squad: Wood (Cov), Littlehales (Nun), Piotrowski (Newb), Peacock (Nun), Tonks (Nun), Maisey (Cov), Tunnicliff (B Butts), Marshall (Nun), M Brown (Newb), Ham (Cov), Talbot (B Butts), A Brown (B Butts), Whitmarsh (Keres), Sanderson (B Butts), Tyers (Rug), Smyth (Broadst), Lowe (New), Calender (O Leams), Atkins (Keres), Bennett (Newb), Campton (Leic), Smith (Leam), Hamilton (Leic), White (Cov), McGuire (B Butts), Costelloe (B Butts), Newton (B Butts), Gulliver (Saracens), McKnight (B Butts).
My anticipation prior to the visit was heightened by the prospect of finding time to visit a museum in the city which was opened to honour one of Estonia's great heroes, Paul Keres, one of the greatest players never to have won the world chess championship.
to JO1 Keres and the All Hands staff for so wisely selecting this story to be presented to our sea service personnel.
JO1 Preston Keres is a photojournalist assigned to All Hands.
"It was amazing to me how different New York City felt when the Navy was in town," said J01 Preston Keres. "I've been there many times before, but the vibe is more intense when you're there covering a Navy enent."