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(Placename) an archipelago in the S Indian Ocean: consists of one large volcanic island (Kerguelen or Desolation Island) and 300 small islands; part of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories


(ˈkɜr gəˌlɛn, -lən)

an archipelago in the S Indian Ocean: a possession of France. 2700 sq. mi. (7000 sq. km).
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We were then, for reasons which it is not worth while to specify, in the close neighbourhood of Kerguelen Land; and now, when I open an atlas and look at the tiny dots on the map of the Southern Ocean, I see as if engraved upon the paper the enraged physiognomy of that gale.
I will only say that as far as regards the occurrence of identical species at points so enormously remote as Kerguelen Land, New Zealand, and Fuegia, I believe that towards the close of the Glacial period, icebergs, as suggested by Lyell, have been largely concerned in their dispersal.
Captain Cook, in his second voyage, says, that this plant at Kerguelen Land rises from a greater depth than twenty-four fathoms; "and as it does not grow in a perpendicular direction, but makes a very acute angle with the bottom, and much of it afterwards spreads many fathoms on the surface of the sea, I am well warranted to say that some of it grows to the length of sixty fathoms and upwards.
He picked up with an old stumpy-tailed albatross, who told him that Kerguelen Island was the very place for peace and quiet, and when Kotick went down there he was all but smashed to pieces against some wicked black cliffs in a heavy sleet-storm with lightning and thunder.
It operates at the Spitzberg base in the Arctic and the Dumont d'Urville and Concordia bases in Antarctica, as well as three bases on France's sub-Antarctic islands of Amsterdam, Crozet and Kerguelen.
Gentoos breed on many sub-Antarctic islands, with the main colonies found on the Falklands, South Georgia and Kerguelen Islands.
On Kerguelen Island, the domestic and political economies that govern England are upturned as the members of the group struggle to maintain a semblance of order within their dramatically altered situation.
With starters such as black angus and artichoke carpaccio or king scallops and strawberries followed by main courses like king prawns from Spencer Gulf, Australia or Chilean sea bass from the Kerguelen Islands, we were spoiled for choice.
Distribution: Southwest Atlantic: off Suriname, off Uruguay to Argentina and the Falklands; Southeast Atlantic: Namibia to South Africa, including the northern part of Walvis Ridge; Bellingshausen and Australian-Antarctic Basin to New Zealand, New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia and the Kerguelen Islands; Southeastern Pacific: off southern Chile (Heemstra, 1980; James et al.
Berger's winning dish of Kerguelen island legine (also known as Patagonian toothfish) and cured goose, and potato shell stuffed with agria espuma among other elements, ultimately triumphed over those of the other nine contestants.
Berger's winning dish was Kerguelen island legine, cured goose, ponzu insert, potato shell stuffed with agria espuma, roasted and sour jus, artichoke, black truffle, shimeji and tarragon powder.
The exception to this decline was the elephant seal oil industry, particularly at South Georgia, Kerguelen and Heard Islands.