Kerguelen Islands

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Ker·gue·len Islands

 (kûr′gə-lən, -lĕn′)
A French-administered island group in the southern Indian Ocean southeast of South Africa. The largest island, Kerguelen, was discovered by a French navigator in 1772 and is used mainly as a research station.
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The Kerguelen archipelago, one of France's sub-Antarctic islands in the Indian Ocean, where the Paul-Emile Victor Polar Institute is seeking recruits for its research station.
The gates meant that they didn't venture below 43 degrees South, the same latitude as the southern tip of Tasmania, whereas in previous races crews often went to 50 degrees South, leaving the Kerguelen archipelago to port.
2003, Opensystem processes in the genesis of silica-oversaturated alkaline rocks of the Rallier-du-Baty Peninsula, Kerguelen Archipelago (Indian Ocean): Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, v.
This study was conducted on Mayes Island, Kerguelen Archipelago, South Indian Ocean (48 [degrees] 38' S, 68 [degrees] 38' E).