Kerguelen Islands

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Ker·gue·len Islands

 (kûr′gə-lən, -lĕn′)
A French-administered island group in the southern Indian Ocean southeast of South Africa. The largest island, Kerguelen, was discovered by a French navigator in 1772 and is used mainly as a research station.
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He picked up with an old stumpy-tailed albatross, who told him that Kerguelen Island was the very place for peace and quiet, and when Kotick went down there he was all but smashed to pieces against some wicked black cliffs in a heavy sleet-storm with lightning and thunder.
On Kerguelen Island, the domestic and political economies that govern England are upturned as the members of the group struggle to maintain a semblance of order within their dramatically altered situation.
Berger's winning dish of Kerguelen island legine (also known as Patagonian toothfish) and cured goose, and potato shell stuffed with agria espuma among other elements, ultimately triumphed over those of the other nine contestants.
Berger's winning dish was Kerguelen island legine, cured goose, ponzu insert, potato shell stuffed with agria espuma, roasted and sour jus, artichoke, black truffle, shimeji and tarragon powder.
Though discovered in 1772 by Yves-Joseph Tremarec de Kerguelen, it was James Cook's chart of Kerguelen Island on his third voyage in 1776, that some years later lead to the interest of American sealers in that place (Fig.
Having been there, I recognized the map of Kerguelen Island in "Birds forage with fractal-like flight" (SN: 6/2/12, p.
On one memorable occasion we were in the Southern Ocean just off Kerguelen Island when we found an illegal long-line fishing boat, which was deliberately hiding its identity.
They set off for Kerguelen Island on 23 December and anchored in Baie de L'Oiseau about a month later in the wake of Kerguelen, (1773) Cook, (1776) and Francis Crozier (once again
In 2005, Blain led a study of natural iron fertilization off tiny Kerguelen Island, about halfway between South Africa and Australia.
ESA and Ottawa have directed radar surveillance systems based on their Envisat and Radarsat-1 satellites to monitor unauthorised fishing off Kerguelen Island, between Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica.
For that term had a special legal meaning which limited the usage of the term to uninhabited places such as Kerguelen Island and Heard Island and Antarctica which were annexed in special ways.