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n.1.A compound in which tar or asphaltum combined with animal or vegetable oils is vulcanized by sulphur, the product closely resembling rubber; - used principally as an insulating material in telegraphy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Key players in the electric submersible cables market are Baker Hughes, Schlumberger Limited, Prysmian Group, Nexans, Siemens AG, Borets, Halliburton, The Kerite Company, Havells, Jainson Cables, V-GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD., Superstar Cables, Southwire Company, LLC, and Alkhoorayef Petroleum.
(USA), Ericson (Sweden), General Cable (USA), J-Power Systems (Japan), Kerite Company (USA), LS Cable & System Corporation (South Korea), Nexans (Norway), NKT Holdings (Denmark), The Okonite Company (USA), Prysmian Group (Italy), and Qingdao Hanhe Cable Co.
Kerite, the U.S.-based manufacturer of medium- and high-voltage high-quality insulated power cable products, completed the installation of 69kV underground transmission cable circuits at two newly constructed substations 30 miles north of Denver, CO.
The turnkey projects were managed by Kerite, leveraging years of cable expertise, with national utility contractor Anderson b Wood assisting with engineering of the project and excavation work in the field.
Kerite and Anderson & Wood engineers opted for the underground circuit solution, due to an existing network of overhead distribution lines and 230 kV transmission lines at both substation locations.
In addition to RSCC and Dekoron, operating companies include in the US Aetna Insulated Wire, Cable USA, Comtran Cable, Gendon Polymer Services, Harbour Industries, Hendrix, Kerite, Owl Wire, RSCC Aerospace & Defense, TEW&C, Unitherm; and in India, Radiant-RSCC Specialty Cable.
Kerite (Seymour, CT) has announced a full line of high voltage (HV) power cable, available in voltages ranging from 46 to 138 kV.
Kerite, a rubbery tar-like organic compound, was formed under hydrothermal conditions.