n.1.See Carl.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Der ver fluchte Kerl came in the morning like a "tam' ropper," making a great noise, and took him away.
"Dummer Kerl!" said the bird-faced officer from among his bandages.
"Dummer Kerl!"said the bird-faced man suddenly in a tone of concentrated malignancy, glaring under his bandages.
Such evidence indicate attractiveness for the analysis of this variable (ASQUITH, MIKHAIL, AU 2005; KERL, 2011).
The researches have been carried out in different countries like United States (Palmon et al (2009); Germany (Kerl and Walter, 2007); Sweden (Liden 2007) and even emerging markets like China (Jiang et al 2014).
(5.) Forster A, Kerl HU, Goerlitz J, Wenz H, Groden C.
(5.) Miteva M, Herschthal D, Ricotti C, Kerl H, Romanelli P.
That patience paid off for North Stars junior Sam Strader who notched his first varsity goal with 15:58 remaining, pouncing on a carom off of Kaneland keeper Maison Kerl from a cross by senior teammate Nolan Sinnaeve.
HealthNow, a WNYHealtheNet payer participant, realized a significant increase in transactions while reducing the amount of calls and costs associated with its call center volume for inquiries by enabling additional access to online information, according to Gary Kerl, chief information officer of HealthNow and BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York.
According to Lemma 2.4 and [OMEGA] [contains] [bar.[OMEGA]].sub.3], we know H(x, [lambda]) [not equal to] 0 for x [member of] [differential][OMEGA] [intersection] KerL, thus by homotopy property of degree,
Kerl sued Arby's and DRI for negligent supervision, hiring, and retention.
Graham Kerl, senior technician at Uwic's Welsh School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, said: 'Competitions such as this are serious learning grounds for setting the high standards achieved in the field of craft catering and each year these standards are incredible considering the ages of the contestants.'