n.1.See Carl.
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Der ver fluchte Kerl came in the morning like a "tam' ropper," making a great noise, and took him away.
A megllapods nett 500 000 000 Ft keretsszeggel kerl megktsre.
Kerl and Walter (2007) asserted under price pressure hypothesis that heavy buying pressure by naive investors drove abnormal returns on publication or announcement day.
Such evidence indicate attractiveness for the analysis of this variable (ASQUITH, MIKHAIL, AU 2005; KERL, 2011).
Lehnert T, Naguib NN, Wutzler S, Nour-Eldin NE, Bauer RW, Kerl JM, et al.
The most recent classification of these dermatoses of pregnancy proposed by Ambros-Rudolph, Mullegger, Vaughan-Jones, Kerl, and Black (2006) includes the following diseases:
BRADSHAW, 2002; BRAV; LEHAVY, 2003; ASQUITH; MIKHAIL; AU, 2005; BONINI et ai, 2010; KERL, 2011; BRADSHAW; BROWN; HUANG, 2013) e conseguiram apontar particularidades que diferiram de estudos com previsoes de lucro por acao.
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Although counselor education programs have begun developing more formalized ways for faculty and supervisors to report and document their observed concerns about students (Baldo & Softas-Nall, 1997; Kerl et ah, 2002; Lumadue & Duffey, 1999), there is a noticeable lack of research surrounding the process of documenting students' peer reporting and concern for their peers.
A Noongar name for Esperance Bay is Kayepa Kerl, describing waters (kayepa) shaped like a boomerang (kerl).