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n.1.See Kirmess.
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The two livres shall settle the score and buy some ribbons against the next kermesse.
Contract notice: museography of the next exhibitions of the departmental museum of flanders "between rubens and van dyck, gaspar de crayer, a painter of court" and "feast and kermesse in flanders in the 16th and 17th centuries"
It has essays of Assumption student life, including the recreation pastimes of bataille and warball; festive, fun occasions such as the yearly kermesse, Mission Day Fairs with its Assumption tarts, proms; as well as dreaded events such as the annual vaccinations and the quarterly Lecture of Notes.
Lui qui esperait voir les Verts decrocher un cinquieme billet dont le troisieme consecutif pour la kermesse planetaire du football.
This 3/4 time setting of a kermesse, inspired by the early Dutch Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, portrays an enthusiastic peasant dance in the vocal melody, while suggesting the coarse bagpipes, sackbuts, and fiddles of that day in the accompaniment.
Surviving documents record a great procession of burgomasters across the Dam Square amidst a trumpet fanfare, an address by the presiding burgomaster followed by an "open-house" reception of the public in the new space, a celebratory salute of the civic militia companies, and a two-month kermesse in front of the new building.
Ce salon, qui en est a sa 21eme edition, et sur lequel les exposants tunisiens fondent beaucoup d'espoir pour rencontrer le Gotha des acheteurs mondiaux des produits alimentaires, s'est affirme comme la kermesse internationale pour tous les acteurs de l'agroalimentaire et les services connexes et par consequent le rendez-vous immanquable pour nos industriels toujours en quete de nouveaux debouches pour leurs produits.
Samuel takes Aurelia to a Madrilenian kermesse or festival where he enters her into a pageant as a means of marketing her body to potential buyers.
Paciencia la de este papa que atendia a insolitas necesidades, como cuando hiciste pescados de madera para la pesca milagrosa de la kermesse del colegio (pescados perfectos, que aun conservo, los que tienen un ingenioso sistema de flotacion que los mantiene verticales).
Access to the kermesse is usually free, although the audience is expected to give some money after the comic performances.
La desolante vista di quei casolari abbandonati mi portava a pensare alla stupidita dei contadini che li avevano lasciati per andare ad abitare in citta e lavorare in fabbrica; poi, arrivato alla stanzioncina di San Bernardino, l'ultima prima di Guastalla, tornai di nuovo alla realta pensando a quello che mi aspettava la a Guastalla, che non ero mica del tutto convinto di avere fatto bene ad accettare l'invito gentile, ma un po' troppo insistente, degli organizzatori della kermesse musicale.