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A black bear (Ursus americanus subsp. kermodei) found in isolated regions of coastal British Columbia. About ten percent of kermode bears have creamy white fur.

[After Francis Kermode, early 20th-century Canadian naturalist .]
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Ormesby couple Amber Stephenson and Liam Kermode tie the knot next year - on the same day as Prince Harry and bride-to-be Meghan Markle.
Prosecutor Bill Kermode said 77-year-old Eileen, who suffers from anxiety, was in bed when the phone rang just after 1am.
html) Robin Kermode , hand-holding is a deliberate act to show that one's relationship is solid.
Deborah Kermode, Mac Birmingham's chief executive and artistic director, said the charges had become "inevitable".
The 11th annual Screenplay Film Festival, co-curated by film critic Mark Kermode, gets under way in Shetland next week.
The 11th festival is co-curated by film critic Mark Kermode.
Deborah Kermode is currently deputy director of Ikon Gallery, in Birmingham's Brindleyplace, and will become only the seventh person in MAC's 54-year history to lead the venue in Cannon Hill Park when Dorothy Wilson steps down after 26 years this year.
The choir's secretary, Mike Kermode, said: "Emma died the Christmas before last.
Katie Kermode is the owner of Baby:Boo Scan Studio in the UK, which, at present, is the only company in that country offering such a specialised service.
ATP president Chris Kermode insists there is no cover-up.
THREE Liverpool filmmakers have won The Kermode and Mayo's Film Review short film competition.
Dubai: Men's tennis boss Chris Kermode has left the door open for a possible aACAyGulf swing' of events should Abu Dhabi make a move to join the ATP Tour calendar.