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n. pl. Ker·ries
Any of a breed of small black dairy cattle of Irish origin. The breed is now very rare.

[After Kerry, a county of southwest Ireland.]


(Biography) John Forbes. born 1943, US politician; unsuccessful Democratic Party candidate in the presidential election of 2004; secretary of state from 2013


1. (Placename) a county of SW Republic of Ireland, in W Munster province: mostly mountainous (including the highest peaks in Ireland), with a deeply indented coast and many offshore islands. County town: Tralee. Pop: 132 527 (2002). Area: 4701 sq km (1815 sq miles)
2. (Breeds) a small black breed of dairy cattle, originally from Kerry


(ˈkɛr i)

a county in W Munster province, in the SW Republic of Ireland. 122,734; 1815 sq. mi. (4700 sq. km). Co. seat: Tralee.
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In process of time, thanks to his intimate knowledge of drill and musketry exercise, the excellent Mulcahy, wearing the corporal's stripe, went out in a troopship and joined Her Majesty's Royal Loyal Musketeers, commonly known as the "Mavericks," because they were masterless and unbranded cattle - sons of small farmers in County Clare, shoeless vagabonds of Kerry, herders of Ballyvegan, much wanted "moonlighters" from the bare rainy headlands of the south coast, officered by O'Mores, Bradys, Hills, Kilreas, and the like.
That an' his pig's cheek in saying that other regiments would come along," said a Kerry man.
It's pretty to think of," said the Kerry man slowly.
An' there'd be no reward for that man - he but went about talkin'," said the Kerry man artlessly.
There was never a Kerry man yet that wudn't sell his brother for a pipe o' tobacco an' a pat on the back from a p'liceman.
The crew was mostly Cork an' Kerry men, barrin' one Marylander that wanted to go back, but they called him a mutineer, an' they ran the ould Manila into Skibbereen, an' they had an illigant time visitin' around with frinds on the ould sod fer a week.
Werry good--werry good, indeed," said the man of the sea, "and ken ye kerry coals?
Kerry and Bush diverge on how best to reduce the number of Americans without health coverage.
presidential candidate John Kerry is sending Latin Americans the message that he will fight for their interests.
To avoid offending any voters, John Kerry has come down on both sides of three social issues: He says he opposes the death penalty--except for terrorists; he has long identified himself with a woman's right to choose abortion, but recently revealed that he believes "life begins at conception"; he says he is against same-sex marriage, on one hand, and against a constitutional amendment to ban it, on the other.
Bush is well aware that the one potentially critical advantage John Kerry has over him in the race for president is his wartime military record.