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n. pl. ker·seys
1. A twilled woolen fabric, sometimes with a cotton warp, used for coats.
2. often kerseys A garment made of this fabric.
3. A woolen, often ribbed fabric formerly used for hose and trousers.

[Middle English kersei, after Kersey, a village of southeast England.]


1. (Textiles) a smooth woollen cloth used for overcoats, etc
2. (Textiles) a twilled woollen cloth with a cotton warp
[C14: probably from Kersey, village in Suffolk]


(ˈkɜr zi)

n., pl. -seys.
1. a heavy, fulled woolen overcoating similar to melton.
2. a coarse, twilled woolen cloth sometimes made with a cotton warp and used for work clothes.
3. a garment made of kersey.
[1400–50; perhaps after Kersey, in Suffolk]