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A river rising in northeast Mongolia and flowing about 1,260 km (785 mi) south then east to a lake in northeast China.
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(9) There are four conjectures regarding the burial site of Chinggis Khan: (10) a) in an area south of the Khentii Mountains and north of the Kerulen River; b) in Ordos of Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China; c) in the Altaic Mountains of Xinjiang, PRC; and d) the Liupan Mountains of Ningxia, PRC.
Further east moose occupied an area around Habsugul Lake, the Khangai Mountains up to the Khabgai-Nuru Range in the south, and the upper reaches of the Onon, Kerulen, and Tola Rivers and other rivers in the Khantae Uplands (Bannikov 1954).
Simultaneously with their success against the Song in the south, the Kitans consolidated their grip on the western borders, with the construction of a network of frontier fortresses in the valleys of the Kerulen and Tola rivers.
He writes that "Tatar," as a collective name, appears to date at least to the eighth century, referring to Mongol-speaking, not Turkic-speaking, tribes (inhabiting an area southwest of Baikal up to the Kerulen).
Then, in 1991, with the Soviets gone from Mongolia, the International Crane Foundation (ICF) in Baraboo, Wisconsin, received an exciting report from two Mongolian ornithologists that Grus vipio was breeding in remote regions of the Daurian Steppe and that others had been sighted along the wild Kerulen River to the south, near the Chinese border, although no Kerulen nesting site had been discovered.
Originally, the expedition was scheduled to fly east from Ulan Bator to the town of Choybalsan, near the border with China, then travel overland down the Kerulen, but due to fuel shortages, all domestic flights had been canceled until further notice.