n.1.A carver.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For instance, a man named ( Thomas Kerver once disparaged Henry VI's manhood and even called him a child in 1444.
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"Being a winner in Imagine Chemistry was a huge boost to us in terms of visibility and credibility, and it's even better that we are able to provide our technology to AkzoNobel," said FiliGrade CEO Johan Kerver.
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Over the entrance to Rhosbeirio, engraved in plaster, is "1638 RK" - the latter being the initials for Richard Kerver, believed to be the Master of the King's Works who helped build Beaumaris quay by shipping stone from the dissolved Llanfaes Friary.
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None of Grey's eight printed vellum books of hours appears to have been a tastefully restrained Protestant production in black and white.93 The one Grey apostrophised had woodcuts in the margins of every page, was 'thickly sprinkled with red printing', and adorned with hand-painted illuminations: 'They now print not books so expensively adorned even on paper--still less on vellum.' (94) In keeping with the rejection of Dibdinian accumulation manifest in his Auckland liturgical manuscripts, he sent back to Cape Town the 1503 Kerver printed book of hours in his hand luggage (perhaps the one he apostrophised), and bought no more of them, though they were offered for sale at affordable prices throughout the latter half of the nineteenth century.
These recruitment methods resulted in a nonprobability, self-selected sample of 47 participants The recruitment method is similar to other piloted, church-based interventions (McNabb, Quinn, Kerver Cook & Karrison, 1997).
Another student, Shannon Kerver, said, "I don't think the visit of the Pope will achieve a lot for the country.
(58) Similarly, Yolande Bonhomme, widow of the Paris printer Thielman Kerver, had incorporated Copland's Psalter of Jesus--STC 14563 (1529)--into a primer by August 1532 (STC 15978).