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n.1.See Kaiser.
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Motichoor modak, Kaju Chocolate modak, Khoya modak and Khoya Kesar modak along with others is what you'll find around markets in the capital city.
The intellectual wing of the ruling party held a 108-litre"Kesar Jal""Rudrabhishek"along with milk of the holy Ganga river at the Ahilyabai Ghat and prayers were held for a long life of Modi.
Inspector General of Police Malini Agrawal and Superintendent of Police Kesar Singh Shekhawat visited the police station amid the tension.
LuLu's annual summer festival will run until June 5 across all its branches in Saudi Arabia.The popular mango varieties on display include Alphonso, Badami, Kesar, Mallika, Rajapuri and Totapuri.
REFRESHING: Kesar mango falooda is a refreshing dessert.
Dr Kesar Sadhra said his surgery was not told why she had been in hospital and would have changed her care if he had known.
Shalini Kesar, associate professor of information systems at Southern Utah University and advocate for women in technology, has known for years that girls and young women are a critical missing part of STEM studies and careers.
The new standards cover 11 sectors including electronics, chemical and construction sectors, as well as the agricultural field, according to Chin Kesar, director of the Standards Development Department at the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts.
In the firing a person Islam Mehmood was martyred while many borders including Kesar, Chenian, Kot, Nokot and other villages were vacated in fear of any loss.
End it with a rasmalai or the specially crafted kesar malai kulfi topped with toasted almonds slivers.
It was evident from the survey that among the commonly growing pomegranate cultivars, viz.,Bhagwa, Kesar, Ganesh, Arkta and Sindhur; the cultivar Bhagwa was found to be highly susceptible to C.