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v. t.1.To kiss.
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With 16 minutes on the second half clock, Liverpool drew first blood through Kess Elmore.
In his exemplary career, Kess has also personally touched the lives of decades of tax practitioners, because he has been a mentor to many, many tax professionals (including this author).
Test data management specialists Grid-Tools, has offices in England, India and USA, as well as Wales and has worked with Computer Science students at Swansea University on a number of projects involving synthetic test data creation and data generation, but the KESS scheme represents a new way to support valuable research that has the potential to be developed into innovative and commercial applications.
So I have the title of kess but don't perform any function, as if in a display window.
It is my experience that this academic and industrial partnership benefits a KESS student with twice the resources of a traditional PhD.
moderated by renowned tax expert Sidney Kess, will draw attention to the critical need for clients to update and review their financial and estate plans.
Kess has included a twenty-four-page index of Sleidan's correspondence and related documents.
Irena Backus, Reinhold Friedrich, Gavin Hammel, Alexandra Kess, Milton Kooistra, Brent Miller, Erika Rummel, Wolfgang Simon, and Johannes Trapman.
Warren said: "Joe is looking for the big fights and if he does what I believe he is capable of against Manfredo, it could set him up for a fight against Kess -ler or Jermain Taylor in July.
Sidney Kess has authored hundreds of books on tax-related topics.
You might get an extra month's worth of mortgage interest deductions for 2006 by making your January payment in December," says Sidney Kess, an attorney and CPA in New York.
A decir de Kess van Rongen, director de Ventas y Merca dotecnia de Acer Mexico en el ano 2000 el fabricante tenia una participacion de mercado superior a 30% pero gradualmente cayo hasta la posicion numero nueve en el global de ventas de computadoras.