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Noun1.Ketalar - a general anesthetic and tranquilizer (not a barbiturate) that is administered intravenously or intramuscularly; used mainly by veterinarians or for minor surgery with geriatric or pediatric patients; taken in large doses it causes hallucinations similar to those associated with the use of PCP
club drug - a controlled substance that is usually taken by young people at dance clubs and raves
general anaesthetic, general anesthetic - an anesthetic that anesthetizes the entire body and causes loss of consciousness
cat valium, honey oil, special K, super acid, super C, jet, K, green - street names for ketamine
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All the surgical procedures were carried out under intramuscular 50 mg/kg Ketalar (ketamine) and 8 mg/kg Rompun (xylazine HCl) anesthesia, which were administered in the supine position through a median incision made under sterile conditions (Figure 1 a-c).
In all rats, general anesthesia was administered by 35 mg/kg ketamine hydrochloride (Ketalar Pfizer, istanbul, Turkey) plus 5 mg/kg xylazine (Rompun, Bayer, istanbul, Turkey) via intraperitoneal route.
Anaesthesia was performed using 50 mg [kg.sup.-1] ketamine (Ketalar, Pfizer Pharma GMBH, Germany) and 10 mg [kg.sup.-1] xylazine hydrochloride (Alfazyne 2%, Alfasan International, Holland) intraperitoneally, and re-administration of half-dose ketamine to maintain the deepness of anaesthesia by checking the reflex responses.
After seven days, all animals were sacrificed by an intraperitoneal injection of 5 mg/kg xylazine HCl (Rompun, Bayer HealthCare AG, Germany) and 40 mg/kg ketamine HCl (Ketalar, Pfizer Inc, USA).
Ketamine HCL (Ketalar) and 10 mg/kg Xylazin HCI (Rompun) mixture was administered intraperitoneally for anesthesia.
Drug Brand Names Citalopram * Celexa Lamotrigine * Lamictal Clomipramine * Anafranil Memantine * Namenda Escitalopram * Lexapro Paroxetine * Paxil Fluoxetine * Prozac Sertraline * Zoloft Fluvoxamine * Luvox Topiramate * Topomax Ketamine * Ketalar Elana Harris, MD, PhD
They were weighed before the experiments and were anesthetized with ketamine HCl (Ketalar, Pfizer Pharma GMBH, Germany) 40-50 mg/kg combined with xylazine (Alfazyne 2%, Alfasan International, Holland) 7,5 mg/kg through the intraperitoneal route.
As the anesthetics, ketamine (Ketalar, Pfzer, Turkey) 75 mg/kg and Xylazine 10 mg/kg (Rompun, Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany) were given intraperitoneally.
A total of 50 mg/kg ketamine (Ketalar vial., Pfizer Pharma GMBH, Germany) and 10 mg/kg xylazine hydrochloride (Alfazyne 2%, Alfasan International, Holland) were administered as anesthetics intraperitoneally.
In both groups, patients received a fixed dose of intravenous 0.02 mg/kg midazolam (Midazolam; Zolamid, Defarma, Turkey), 1 [micro]/kg fentanyl (Talinat, Vem, Turkey), 0.3 mg/kg ketamine (Ketalar, Pfizer, USA), and incremental doses of propofol (Propofol-Lipuro, Braun, Germany) to achieve a RSS of 3-4.