Keuka Lake

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Keu·ka Lake

 (kyo͞o′kə, kā-yo͞o′-)
A lake of west-central New York, one of the Finger Lakes west of Seneca Lake. It is the center of a resort and wine-making region.
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Noun1.Keuka Lake - a glacial lake in central New York; one of the Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes - a geographical area in central New York State that is named for a series of narrow glacial lakes that lie parallel in a north-south direction
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It also explains why my ancestors started planting grapes along the hillsides of Keuka Lake in the 1830's.
Bath Fish Hatchery is located at the headwaters of Cold Brook, a major tributary of Keuka Lake. Established in 1893, it is one of New York's oldest hatcheries.
During spring, 1895 the last ice-boating adventure of the winter is completed with a family trip across Keuka Lake to the community of Crosby.
Forge Cellars purchased grapes from eight vineyards in the Finger Lakes, all but one on the east side of Seneca Lake, with the other on the west shore of Keuka Lake. Forge also hopes to encourage contract growers to expand their Pinot plantings and wants to be a prominent producer of that wine in the region.
Camp Good Days operates a Recreational Facility on the shores of Keuka Lake in Branchport, in O'Mara's district.
Reading "Tilting at Windmills" was like listening to my father and uncles discussing politics on the porch at our house on Keuka Lake in upstate New York.
"In my neighborhood on Keuka Lake opposition is ferocious.
riparia near Dresden (Yates Co.) at the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail (42[degrees]40'38"N 76[degrees]57'49"W, 152 m) and natural areas adjacent to Doyle Vineyard (42[degrees]41'54"N 76[degrees]9'30"W, 254 m) on 23 September 2010.
This adds new areas of coverage including the city of Penn Yan, Bluff Point, Keuka Lake Park, Barrington and the northern end of Keuka Lake.
The cell sites will reportedly enhance new areas of coverage in Barrington, Bluff Point, Jerusalem, Keuka Lake State Park, Keuka Park and along Routes 54 and 54A in Yates county, and south of Penn Yan in Steuben county.
Ellyson made history when he flew the Navy's first A-1 Triad on her maiden flight, July 1, 1911, at Keuka Lake, Hammondsport, N.Y.