Keweenaw Peninsula

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Ke·wee·naw Peninsula

A peninsula of northwest Michigan extending into Lake Superior and bordered on the south by Keweenaw Bay.
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Prehistoric Copper Mining in Michigan: The Nineteenth-Century Discovery of "Ancient Diggings" in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale
Farther east and extending out into the middle of Lake Superior is the Keweenaw Peninsula. The eastern side of the peninsula, along with the adjoining narrow Huron Bay, are worth exploring for some of the biggest bass Superior houses.
Many of my ancestors came from the Keweenaw Peninsula, so every time you have articles about the Upper Peninsula, they are of special interest.
The Keweenaw Peninsula, the rocky land that juts like a finger into Lake Superior, once boasted the purest copper ever found in the world, which locals celebrate by naming everything from their schools (Copper Country Intermediate School District) to private driving services (Copper Country Limo) after the metal.
Nezami was familiar with cold winters in Iran, but folks in her new community still liked to remind her about what to expect on the Keweenaw Peninsula in northern Michigan's Lake Superior.
It also has nine other sites across the Keweenaw Peninsula.
It also has nine other sites across the Keweenaw Peninsula.Country: USASector: HealthcareDeal size in USD: 100mType: JVStatus: AgreedComment: The deal size refers to the JV's expected investments.
Morin, director of the Eckley Miners' Village historic site in Weatherly, PA, shows how heritage-minded groups in historic industrial communities can commemorate their past and preserve their history, through case histories of the top three US copper smelting sites (and later Superfund sites): Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan; Copper Basin in Tennessee; and Butte-Anaconda in Montana.
Steinman (A and S '11G)-examined Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula because it is the largest source of pure native copper in North America.
About 500 million tons of stamp sand are in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. The biggest deposit, up to 30 feet deep, is along the shoreline between Gay and Traverse Bay, with more material on the lake bottom.