Key seat

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(Mach.) a bed or groove to receive a key which prevents one part from turning on the other.

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A loss at the hands of a resurgent Bahujan Samaj Party-Samajwadi Party combine in the key seat has left the party red-faced.
The ANP has also a major vote bank in the constituency by fielding former Speaker KP Khushdil Khan to secure this key seat on fifth time as earlier it was won by ANP's Arbab Zahir Khan for record four times since 1985.
Theresa May's party is neck and neck with Labour in a key seat
Chester, another key seat with a majority of 915 for Labour at 2005, has seven candidates, while Wavertree has eight hopefuls battling it out to represent their areas in Parliament after May 6.
The former baggage handler's bid to win the key seat is sponsored by political movement Jury Team.
But with the bookies beginning to label her rival Margaret Greenwood as favourite in the upcoming election, the Conservatives appear to have stepped up their fight to retain the key seat. On Friday, Chancellor George Osborne revealed plans for a Merseyside transport toll review which could see the Mersey Tunnel toll axed for Wirral residents, while yesterday several cabinet ministers arrived in Hoylake to show their support for Ms McVey's campaign.
THE Conservatives have been handed a boost after a poll indicated they could hold on to the key seat of Stockton South at next year's General Election.
PAGE 3 'War' over seat A "CIVIL war" has broken out between senior Conservatives in the key seat of Southport as the general election looms.
THE Tories claimed a plum prize when they snatched the key seat of Erdington from Labour as Gareth Compton forced a hefty swing to clinch an 887 majority.
Redcar is a key seat for Labour to win back from the Lib Dems at next year's general election, as is Stockton South currently held by the Conservative party.