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Having grown up in a home where Spanish is the dominant language, the fifth grader at California's Keyes Elementary struggles with comprehending math problems and reading books at his grade level.
Christopher Keyes, associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Texas-Southwestern, warns that water may be a more healthful option.
Keyes told the crowd in Lufkin, estimated to be about 2,000, that Moore's crusade could reverberate across the nation.
Alice Keyes, a former sorter at Nortech Waste in Roseville, California, wanted a union back in 1997.
A beautiful summer day preceded the evening ceremony on June 22, 2002, where Elizabeth Rose Ardissono and Wesley Dale Keyes were united in holy matrimony.
It seems appropriate that on All Saints Day (1 November 2001) Margaret Keyes presented a copy of her sister's dissertation, "A Fifteenth Century Record of English Choir Repertory: B.
Into the chaos of the media filing center after last fall's Republican presidential debate at Dartmouth College walked Alan Keyes.
Keyes is a Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate/Community Reinvestment Act Initiatives for Mercantile Bancorporation, Inc.
Keyes, new chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) will focus his term on raising awareness among lawmakers, the media, and the general public about how technology is driving productivity and economic growth.
Keyes and Keim (1996) suggest that ambiguous incidents such as an employee who is berated in front of peers, sabotaged machinery which unintentionally injures an employee, or harassed employees who are later found assaulted or killed off workplace property represent often overlooked instances of workplace violence.
If CNN's Larry King Live served as the launching pad and permanent boombox for Ross Perot's 1992 presidential candidacy, this year C-Span has played the same role for Alan Keyes.
With the castable lining, we couldn't hotpatch repairs," said Dan Keyes, Madison-Kipp's refractory specialist, who is responsible for all refractory maintenance.