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An ancient city of Mongol China on the site of modern Beijing. Rebuilt by Kublai Khan from 1264 to 1267 on the site of an earlier city, Khanbalik was called Cambaluc by Marco Polo, who described its magnificence in the account of his travels.
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(Each religious group in the Mongol realm had an official who was responsible for bringing the business and requests of each community before the Great Khan and his court.(70) Juvaini records that "there are one or two persons to deal with the affairs of imams, sayyids, dervishes, Christians, and the holy men [ahbar] of every religious community."(71) However, the Buddhist representative in Khanbalik (Beijing) was not willing to let people who outwardly had been numbered and counted as Buddhists for generations slip away.
He erected a pole 32 feet high in Beijing (known at that time as Khanbalik), and he also built a brick-tower observatory at Gaocheng (formerly Yangcheng), about nine miles southeast of Dengfeng in north-central China.