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An ancient city of Mongol China on the site of modern Beijing. Rebuilt by Kublai Khan from 1264 to 1267 on the site of an earlier city, Khanbalik was called Cambaluc by Marco Polo, who described its magnificence in the account of his travels.
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Dadu (Khanbaliq) (the present Beijing), (B) built by Khubilai Khan (1260-94), represents another variation, where the bell tower and drum tower were placed at the center of the city.
It was called Dadu, Great Capital in Mandarin Chinese, though Turkic-speaking people called it Khanbaliq, the city of the Khan.
All this changes significantly, albeit not suddenly, as the friar reaches China and engages on land on the way to Khanbaliq. A new mode of the text which Giorgio Melis takes to be more "sober and rational" and displaying a political dimension is articulated primarily around the trope of greatness, most often translated immediately into measurable bigness.