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khan 1

 (kän, kăn)
1. A ruler, an official, or an important person in India and some central Asian countries.
2. A medieval ruler of a Mongol, Tatar, or Turkish tribe.

[Ultimately (partly via Urdu, khān) from Persian khān, from Old Turkic xān, title of subordinate Central Asian khans; akin to Old Turkic xāğān, overlord of other khans, probably of non-Turkic Central Asian origin. Sense 2, from Middle English caan, chan, from Old French kaan, ultimately (partly via Mongol qā'ān) from Old Turkic xāğān.]

khan 2

 (kän, kăn)
A caravansary in certain Asian countries.

[Arabic ḫān, inn, from Persian khān, house, from Middle Persian.]
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1. (Historical Terms)
a. (formerly) a title borne by medieval Chinese emperors and Mongol and Turkic rulers: usually added to a name: Kublai Khan.
b. such a ruler
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a title of respect borne by important personages in Afghanistan and central Asia
[C14: from Old French caan, from Medieval Latin caanus, from Turkish khān, contraction of khāqān ruler]


an inn in Turkey, certain Arab countries, etc; caravanserai
[C14: via Arabic from Persian ]


(Biography) See Imran Khan
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(kɑn, kæn)

1. a title borne by rulers of the empire founded by Genghis Khan, and of the states that succeeded his empire in Asia and European Russia.
2. a title of respect used in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and other countries of Asia.
[1350–1400; Middle English Ca(a)n, Chan ultimately < medieval Turkic xān]
khan′ate, n.


(kɑn, kæn)

an inn or caravansary.
[1350–1400; earlier kanne, cane, Middle English alchan « Arabic khān < Persian]
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Noun1.khan - a title given to rulers or other important people in Asian countrieskhan - a title given to rulers or other important people in Asian countries
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
2.khan - an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravanskhan - an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans
auberge, hostel, hostelry, inn, lodge - a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
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