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also Kat·man·du  (kăt′măn-do͞o′, kät′män-)
The capital and largest city of Nepal, in the central part of the country in the eastern Himalaya Mountains. It was founded c. 723 and was a Gurkha capital from 1768 until the late 1700s.
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Noun1.Kathmandu - the capital and largest city of NepalKathmandu - the capital and largest city of Nepal
Kingdom of Nepal, Nepal - a small landlocked Asian country high in the Himalayas between India and China
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The positions advertised included eight chairs in Urdu and Pakistan Studies in the university of Beijing, Alazhar University, Egypt, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Ankara University Turkey, Tehran University Iran, Jordan University, Tribbhuvan University Khatmandu and Kazakhstan Abylai Khan University of International Relations and world language, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
He said that their association has visited Nepal this year and studied Zig Zag Firing Brick Kilns in Khatmandu. These brick kilns were almost similar to our conventional brick kilns but their firing practices are better.
khatmandu, Nepal: International centre for integrated mountain development.
I was born in western Nepal and when I was about five, my younger sister and I were put in an orphanage in Khatmandu, where I stayed for about two and a half years.
Made in Pakistan exhibition was held at Khatmandu from Oct 6 to 12, to invite foreign companies for boosting business relations.
Mewn rhaglen arbennig mae'r tim yn siarad a Chymraes yn Khatmandu sydd wedi gorfod gadael ei chartref, ac yn gofyn pam mae rhai cymunedau yn dal i aros am gymorth.
A thirty party-strong coalition led thousands of people into the streets of Khatmandu to protest against a parliament which they said was not representative of the people or their will.
Now Woolybacks aren't local No, they don't live round here They come from Crewe or Khatmandu Even Lake Windermere They don't speak proper English Not like you and me And watch those Mancs from up the Lancs They still eat missionaries you see He's dead unsophisticated Says thou instead of you Belt and braces on his trousers Wears a clog and not a shoe Stuffing ferrets down his trousers Wears a cap that's flat Speaks in a foreign language Like on Ilkey Moo Bahat (What does that mean?) But Woolybacks are harmless Most accommodating too Just feed them tripe and unions And they'll do anything for you Knowarrameanla by Alan Tippins, Litherland
Karachi -- First International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine has recently been held at Khatmandu, Nepal, by the Nepalese Association of Medical Microbiology (NAMM) in collaboration with Nepal Polymer Institute (NPI) in order to promote interdisciplinary scientific study better comprehension between major human diseases and their treatment regime by applying today's cutting edge technology of nanotechnology.
The debated sellout of Raymond Davis is not too different from defection of Major Rajbender Singh of RAW via Khatmandu to USA and a lady of national security in 2006 as reported.