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Bar·ba·ros·sa 1

 (bär′bə-rŏs′ə, -rôs′ə) European name for Khair ed-Din. Died 1546.
Greek-born Turkish corsair who with his brother Arouj (died 1518) pillaged the coasts of Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Bar·ba·ros·sa 2

 (bär′bə-rŏs′ə, -rôs′ə)
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1. (Biography) the nickname of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. See Frederick Barbarossa
2. (Biography) real name Khair ed-Din. c. 1465–1546, Turkish pirate and admiral: conquered Tunis for the Ottomans (1534)
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(ˌbɑr bəˈrɒs ə)

1. Frederick, Frederick I (def. 1a).
2. (Khair ed-Din), c1466–1546, Barbary pirate, born in Greece.
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Noun1.Barbarossa - Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190Barbarossa - Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190; conceded supremacy to the pope; drowned leading the Third Crusade (1123-1190)
2.Barbarossa - Barbary pirate (died in 1546)
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