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n. Informal
Chemistry, especially as an academic subject.


var. of chemo- before a vowel: chemosmosis.


1. chemical.
2. chemist.
3. chemistry.
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of Road and Drainage system by providing RMC from Khem Chand to Master Dalip House in Village Aya Nagar in Ward No.
we decided to open it up,' he said, noting the search occurred with permission from provincial Police Chief Ath Khem and in the presence of the provincial deputy prosecutor.
Another 14-year-old, Khem Raj Ghalley is also working as a parking fee collector in the same area.
After fierce fighting Pakistan captured Khem Karan incurring heavy losses to Indian army in Kasur sector.
Khem Lakai, WIForum ambassador from Nepal said: "Challenges we face in Nepal may be different from Nigeria, France, or Japan and never in our history the world comes together to this scale to share, and solve entrepreneurial problems of today and tomorrow.
Sri Chand,Shankar Lal , Eminent educationalist Dadi Leela , Mahesh Kumar, Advocate Khem Chund, and others said reporter that the main ideology of Lord Sri Krishna was to bind and unite the people with love, peace, affection and brotherhood and there is the need to spread over his preaching in order to bring a cordial atmosphere in the society.
Balkrishna Vitrikoti, Eai Bahadur Khatri, Bishnu Prasad Gautam, Ramnath Sharma, Khem Bhadur Rana, Derbendra Khadka, Manju Gurung, Purna Nepali are among the new members of the ONFQ working committee.
Kasur Sports Complex, Khem Karan Road, (cost Rs468.
It is followed by a narration of the Battle of Khem Karan, narrated by Colonel Gurdep Singh Gill.
included: Construction of Kasur Sports Complex, Khem Karan Road, Kasur (Revised) at the cost of Rs.
According to Spokesman for P and DD, the approved development schemes included: Construction of Kasur Sports Complex, Khem Karan Road, Kasur (Revised) at the cost of Rs.
LOS ANGELES (CyHAN)- Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz, a U.