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Noun1.Khepera - Egyptian god of the morning sunKhepera - Egyptian god of the morning sun; creator
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Weinstein's A Night in Tunisia: Imaginings of Africa in Jazz has documented, references to the African continent that can be found in musical works throughout the history of jazz, from Eubie Blake's Sounds of Africa (1899), Clarence Williams's Senegalese Stomp (1926), Duke Ellington's Liberian Suite (1947), and John Coltrane's Africa Brass (1961) to Randy Weston's Khepera (1998).
The selected playwrights include Rachel DuBose, Osiris Khepera, Caroline Macon, Derek Lee McPhatter, Cassandra Rose, and Loy Webb.
Finally, four experiments are carried out with Khepera robot, and the results show that their developed bioinspired behavior-based controller is simple but robust.
I made a foundation for my heart (or will), and I created multitudes of things which evolved themselves like unto the evolutions of the god Khepera, and their offspring came into being from the evolutions of their births.
Both controllers will be used for differential mobile robot control, as Khepera III, studied by the authors in previous works.
The experiments reported in the previous section arc repeated with a Khepera II microrobot, with the sensor configuration depicted in Figure 1.
Con base en SIMULINK y otras herramientas de MATLAB, se disena e implementa la plataforma de trabajo enfocada en particular a un robot Khepera pero aplicable a otros robots que operen con estrategias reactivas-deliberativas.
Its small form factor facilitates use in almost any space: students have watched a Khepera execute their programs from a desktop in a professor's office (Challinger 2005).
In their experiments, the team used up to 12 miniature, mobile Khepera robots, developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.
Suponiase que dijo alguna vez: Yo soy Khepera a la hora del alba, Ra al mediodia y Tem en el crepusculo.
RANDY WESTON Khepera (Verve): The veteran pianist has always been aware of his roots, and collaborated with African musicians many times before.