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Noun1.Khepera - Egyptian god of the morning sunKhepera - Egyptian god of the morning sun; creator
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"I am Khepera in the morning, Ra at noon, and Temu [Atum] at evening" (Budge 2013, p.
For the case of the proposed architecture to command the Khepera II robot, the ith rule is given as follows:
In this work, we employed a differential mobile robot called Khepera III [36] to simulate the suggested navigational algorithm.
Simulation was carried out using Khepera simulator (KiKs) in MATLAB as shown in Figure 7.
The selected playwrights include Rachel DuBose, Osiris Khepera, Caroline Macon, Derek Lee McPhatter, Cassandra Rose, and Loy Webb.
I made a foundation for my heart (or will), and I created multitudes of things which evolved themselves like unto the evolutions of the god Khepera, and their offspring came into being from the evolutions of their births.
The proposed MRTA approaches will be also tested using Khepera III real robots in a newly built tested arena for MRS simulations and experiments in the robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) laboratory.
Both controllers will be used for differential mobile robot control, as Khepera III, studied by the authors in previous works.