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Noun1.Khepera - Egyptian god of the morning sunKhepera - Egyptian god of the morning sun; creator
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The morning sun was called Khepri, and sometimes Khepri-Re-Atum, "the god of creation who came into being by himself."
Yn y nos roedden nhw'n credu mai dyma pryd roedd duw arall, Khepri, yn gwthio'r haul drwy fyd y tywyllwch nes ei fod yn cyrraedd yn l drannoeth i oleuo'r byd unwaith eto.
In the past two archaeological seasons, the site has yielded five double statues of King Amenhotep III in the company of different deities, including Re-Horakhti, Khepri, Horus and Hapi.
I've still got two of them - Zippy and Khepri - and one I've sold," said Mrs Ridley, who is the alpaca secretary at the Northumberland County Show and also works as the show's assistant secretary.
The imperialist, oppressive and capitalist New Crobuzon, the floating free city of Armada, or the revolutionary train in perpetual motion called the Iron Council along with all manner of species of which human beings are only one among a number (the insect-like Khepri, the frog-like Vodanyhoi, the Cactus people, the scab-mettlers, cray, Remade, and so on) operate in an economic and political world in which oppression and revolution are only a moment away.
Percy takes special interest in the morning sun-god Khepri "who is in his sun disc" (Percy underline, 4) who "cannot be destroyed." (4, note 9).
The sacred scarab beetles of ancient Egypt were revered and linked to Khepri - the creator god.
However, IBM may in the future switch to the Newisys two-way and four-way chipsets, which were called "Khepri" and "Sobek" under their code-names.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) recently demonstrated a prototype version of the 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating system using 64-bit Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), 64-bit Terminal Services and 64-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Newisys Khepri systems based on the upcoming AMD Opteron processor.
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Khepri' Fear of going to bed' Karachi' 1983.