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(kmɛlˈnɪt ski, kə mɛl-)

a city in W Ukraine, SW of Kiev. 241,000.
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01030, Ukraine, Kiev Region, Kiev, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, D.
3 RNPP and in the near future will be conducted at unit No3 SUNPP and unit No1 Khmelnitsky NPP.
In July, a power unit at the Khmelnitsky plant in western Ukraine was disconnected from the grid due to a leak in its steam generator.
Shots were fired but there were no casualties as the Ukrainian corvette Khmelnitsky was seized in Sevastopol, according to reports.
In the city of Khmelnitsky, three people were injured when protesters tried to storm a law enforcement office.
Profession that allowed Polish Jews to recoup losses caused by the Khmelnitsky rebellion and other wars between 1648-1680: production and selling of alcoholic beverages (beer, vodka, and mead).
But Hrushevsky was also a romantic nationalist, who could see Khmelnitsky as a Ukrainian hero.
Energoatom is the country's largest power producer, which operates four nuclear power plants - Zaporizhzhya NPP, which has six VVER 1000/320 reactors, South-Ukrainian NPP with three units of the VVER 1000/302, VVER 1000/320 and VVER 1000/338 types, Khmelnitsky NPP with two reactors of the VVER 1000/320 type and Rivne NPP with four units, two of the VVER 1000/320 and the other two of the VVER 440/213 type.
One hundred thousand Jews were slaughtered in pogroms led by Bog-dan Khmelnitsky in 1648 and 1649; thousands more died at the hands of the Haid-amaks--paramilitary Ukrainian bands--In the 18th century; more lost their lives in pogroms in 1881 and 1882.
Since 1986, the country has completed three new reactors: Zaporozhye 6, Khmelnitsky 2, and Rovno 4.
Another, led by the Netherlands, was established in Khmelnitsky in January 2006 for the retraining and resettlement of decommissioned military officers.
In the centre of Kiev, a large equestrian statue to hetman Khmelnitsky was erected.