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n.1.A Dravidian of a group of tribes of Orissa, India, a section of whom were formerly noted for their cruel human sacrifices to the earth goddess, murder of female infants, and marriage by capture.
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Tenders are invited for Construction of CC drain and Culvert from Shelke to Vitthal Kuchar house,CC drain from Sudhir Chudhari to Purshottam Sable house,CC drain from Kuchar to Gajanan Misurkar house at Shantata Nagar and CC drain from Subhash kampale to Aalekar house , CC drain from Rahul Khond to Manoj Dhoke house,CC drain from Bhatkar(Ashtavinayk Square) to Mahajan house,CC drain from Hage to Santosh Dhumale House,CC drain from Karanjkar to Savita Tidke house at Shivsena Vasahat P No 18
5% which was well within the range exhibited by the medicinal plants of Indian origin as reported by Khond et al.
It houses a significant and growing collection of the tribal and village arts of India, particularly those from the Khond tribes and arts from the Karnataka region.
In the Khond community, the elderly often have the role of looking after little children while the parental generation works in the field.
A few years ago in India, for example, the indigenous Bhagata, Khond, Konda Reddi, and Samantha communities found themselves targeted by foreign companies interested in the bauxite (aluminum ore) deposits on their lands.
wide from near khond kirana shop to mhada colony , in prabhag no.